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Meet Patsy Perdue

June 1, 2015

At 67, Patsy Perdue has been many things including a cabinet maker, a dairy farmer, and most recently a homebuilder.   The latest title came about because Patsy found herself living in a

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Meet the Tolberts

April 24, 2015

Jesse and Heather Tolbert from Knoxville, TN were renting a dilapidated house from an absentee landlord. The roof leaked, parts of the floor had fallen in, and the utility bills were $400 a month due

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Meet Steve Schultz

April 23, 2015

Steve Schultz is a resident of Morehead, KY and has been confined to a wheelchair his entire life due to cerebral palsy. Throughout his life he has had ups and downs with housing and living

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The Davis’s Story

January 28, 2015

The Southern Appalachian Labor School (SALS) is a Fahe member located in Kincaid, WV that works to provide empowerment and change for working class and disenfranchised peoples.   Housing

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Jim King Graduates Harvard Leadership Program

March 10, 2014

We are proud to announce that Fahe’s president, Jim King, has recently graduated from the Owner/President Management (OPM) program offered by the Harvard Business School Executive Education

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Hal Rogers Receives Partnering for Success Award

July 22, 2013

Community Action Kentucky awarded Kentucky Congressman Harold Dallas “Hal” Rogers the 2013 “Partnering for Success” Award.  Rep. Rogers was selected for the award due to his focus on job

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Wilma Kelley Talks about Fahe

April 4, 2013

We have another video testimonial from one of our Members. Wilma Kelley, the Executive Director of Beattyville Housing & Development Corporation (BHDC), answers the question: “How does Fahe add

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USDA 502 Direct Collaboration

July 13, 2012

USDA 502 Direct Loans are affordable, low interest loans that help low- and very low-income households obtain homeownership. Recently the USDA has entered into collaboration with certain nonprofits

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Heather Powell and Family

FAHE Packages Its 100th USDA 502 Program Loan

May 14, 2012

Speaking to Heather Powell, one can tell she is a woman who is certain of what she wants. A disabled mother of three daughters, she found herself wanting more than just renting a house in rural

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