Meet the Stampers

appalachia Housing | September 1, 2015

Mary StamperEvery year Fahe and our network members help thousands of families access needed resources thanks to people like you. Your donations and willingness to share these stories provide needed funding and awareness that help make dreams come true.

The Stampers are one such family that has been helped in part by your generosity.

Mary and Mark Stamper of Kentucky always wanted a big family and by soon they had 10 children and had far out grown their home. Living in a 2 bedroom 1 bath mobile home, Mary and Mark wanted a better life for their children. Mark had been a long time employee of the Breathitt County Transportation Department but due to health issues was rendered disabled.

Not sure where else to turn, the Stampers applied for a home through Fahe member Housing Development Alliance located in Hazard. While waiting to be qualified for a new house; the couple had an 11th child. Later that year, the Stampers were approved for a house and the work began to move forward.

Unfortunately, during January of the new year, Mark died. Wanting to carry through with her husband’s dream of a good home and better future for his family, Mary reapplied as a single mother and was once again approved.

The Housing Development Alliance chose Mary’s home to be the focus of their Breathitt County Community House Raising and in April members of the community came together to build Mary and her children a house. Each day of the event, Mary and those children that were able worked alongside the volunteers putting in long hours and performing strenuous work. When one volunteer commented on how hard the children were working Mary’s reply was,” It’s good. I want them to see what a full day of tough manual labor is, that way they will appreciate their education and want to have a better life.”

The Stamper’s now own a 6 bedroom, 2.5 bath home, and are a viable part of the community. The children are proud to have their friends visit and her oldest son Mark (named for his father) just started his sophomore year of college. Today Mary and her children are giving life to Mark’s dream of a better future for his family.

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