Welcome to Fahe Programs: Your Partner in Community and Economic Development

Fahe Programs are at the forefront of driving positive change in communities throughout the heart of Appalachia. We bring a wealth of knowledge, a commitment to innovation, and a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities facing Appalachia.

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Summary of Issues Facing Rural Housing

Fahe is more than just a service provider; we are your dedicated partners in community transformation.

When you partner with Fahe, you gain a dedicated team of experts committed to realizing your community and economic development goals. We don’t just build projects; we build lasting partnerships that transform lives and communities. Discover the possibilities with Fahe–your trusted partner in community and economic development. Contact us today to discuss your vision and how we can make it a reality.

With a wealth of expertise and a deep commitment to excellence, we are your trusted partners in navigating the complexities of community development.

Here’s how we excel in a range of critical areas:
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    Project Management Excellence

    Fahe has extensive experience in project management, ensuring that every initiative is executed seamlessly. From initial planning and resource allocation to implementation and evaluation, we guide projects through every phase with precision and accountability.

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    Expert Grant Packaging and Administration

    We are experts at packaging and administering grants from various sources, including the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), and other funding opportunities. Our meticulous approach to grant administration maximizes resources, streamlines processes, and ensures compliance.

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    Unlocking Funding for Diverse Needs

    Fahe’s Programs team has a proven track record of securing grants and loans to support a wide range of community initiatives. Whether it’s funding for housing, infrastructure, or economic development, we have the expertise to secure the financial resources needed to make your vision a reality.

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    Navigating Regulatory Compliance

    We oversee compliance with federal and state regulations across various critical areas, including contracting, accounting, procurement, client eligibility, and audits. Our commitment to adherence ensures that projects are executed with transparency, efficiency, and accountability, maintaining the highest standards of integrity.

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    Connecting Communities with Resources

    Beyond grants and loans, we serve as connectors, linking communities to an array of resources. Whether it’s facilitating partnerships with industry leaders, providing access to technical expertise, or offering insights into available community resources, we empower communities to thrive.

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    Pioneers in Innovation and Implementation

    Transforming visions into reality. At Fahe, we don’t just follow trends; we set them. Our Programs team is recognized for its unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in the implementation of strategic projects and programs. We are dedicated to turning ambitious visions into tangible realities that make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and communities alike.

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    Innovative Solutions for Lasting Change

    Innovation is the heartbeat of our approach. We continuously seek out groundbreaking solutions and apply creative thinking to address complex challenges. Our experts are adept at identifying emerging trends, harnessing cutting-edge technologies, and adopting best practices to create innovative projects that stand the test of time.

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    Trailblazers in Implementation

    Implementation is where the magic happens, and we’re trailblazers in this arena. We understand that execution is key to project success. Our Programs team possesses the experience, knowledge, and dedication to bring your project to life efficiently and effectively.

    We specialize in the comprehensive management of large-scale, multi-phase projects across various domains, including housing, community development, public infrastructure, and economic growth. We take care of every detail, ensuring that your project adheres to state and federal regulations and requirements.

Improving Lives at the Heart of Our Mission

At Fahe, we measure success by the positive impact we create in the lives of individuals and communities. Our mission is not just to complete projects but to transform lives. We take immense pride in projects that result in:

We believe that every project should leave a lasting legacy of progress and prosperity. Our commitment to this vision drives us to continually raise the bar in innovation and implementation, ensuring that our projects transcend expectations and elevate the quality of life for all.

Here are some examples of our work:

Our Housing Expertise: Building Homes, Creating Opportunities

Unlocking the potential of communities starts with providing safe, affordable housing. Fahe Programs is your go-to team for housing solutions, offering expertise in:

  • Homeownership and Rental Housing Development
  • Neighborhood Revitalization
  • Scattered Site Rehabilitation
  • Subdivision Development, including Mixed-Income Communities
  • Emergency Shelters
  • Transitional Housing Centers with Supportive Services

Community Projects: Enhancing Lives, Strengthening Communities

We’re not just housing experts; we’re community builders. Our diverse range of services includes:

  • Senior Citizen Centers
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Development Centers for the Handicapped
  • Daycare Facilities
  • Community Centers
  • Trails – Bike and Pedestrian
  • Transformational Employment

Infrastructure Development: Building the Foundation for Progress

We understand the importance of infrastructure in community growth. Our expertise extends to:

  • Waterline Extensions
  • Water Storage Tanks and Transmission Lines
  • Water Treatment Plant Construction and Expansion
  • Sewer Line Extensions
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Construction and Expansion
  • Underground Utility Improvement
  • Downtown Streetscape Improvements

Economic Development: Fostering Prosperity and Innovation

Fahe believes in fostering economic growth. Our services include:

  • Daycare Programs
  • Hospice Inpatient Care Facilities
  • Water and Sewer Extensions for Industrial Development
  • Equipment Leasing for New Businesses

Comprehensive Project Coordination: Your Vision, Our Expertise

Our turn-key services are designed to streamline your projects and ensure success. Our services include:

  • Application Preparation
  • Environmental Phase
  • Set-Up of Federal & State Programs
  • Addressing Cross-Cutting Federal Requirements
  • Development Plan
  • Procurement Compliance
  • Implementation of Acquisition Program
  • Implementation of Clearance Activities
  • Grant Technical Assistance & General Program Coordination
  • Implementation of Public Improvement Activities with All Applicable Labor Compliance Requirements
  • Implementation of Relocation Program
  • Implementation of Construction Program
  • Program Closeout

Supporting Energy Efficient Home Building

We are leaders in bringing innovative solutions and resources to the communities we serve. We work with our Network to develop:

  • Energy efficient, affordable homes
  • Solar Installation for residential and commercial buildings
  • Innovative pilot programs such as Appalachia Heat Squad (now concluded)
  • Energy efficient building best practices, training, and resources

Join Us in Shaping the Future

Fahe’s Programs team is your dedicated partner in creating a brighter future. Whether you have a visionary project in mind or are seeking proven expertise to breathe new life into an existing initiative, we are here to make it happen. Together, we can build stronger communities, transform lives, and leave a legacy of progress that lasts for generations.

Explore the limitless possibilities with Fahe Programs. Contact us today and let’s embark on a journey of innovation and transformation together.