Fahe extends our regional work in Appalachia with a national focus on persistent poverty through Partners for Rural Transformation (PRT).

Fahe and our PRT coalition partners work together to bring investment and advance equity in regions that need it most to ensure no community is left behind. Because of this Fahe and all the partners can do more in our respective areas of focus.

Meet the partners.

Collectively, we serve three-quarters of the nation’s persistent poverty counties with headquarters in the Mississippi Delta, Appalachia, Native American Communities, the Deep South, the Rio Grande Valley, and the Rural West.

PRT’s combined service areas represent a collective voice of over 20 million diverse Americans from economically disadvantaged areas who share a common hope for a better future.

Why increasing our strength in numbers nationally matters to Fahe Members.

By collaborating with CDFIs who serve the other major areas of rural persistent poverty across the country, Fahe further increases our strength in numbers. Our advocacy and funding initiatives are stronger because we showcase a wider impact together that directly affects tens of millions of people across the country. When PRT advocates for new policies like 10-20-30, raises awareness for rural places like when PRT informed Biden’s rural agenda, or when PRT receives grant dollars, it directly affects all of the regions they serve, Appalachia included.