Fahe’s advocacy work draws on the real-world experiences of Appalachians to design innovative policy solutions, ensuring our communities thrive.

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In collaboration with local leaders, we influence policies at the local, state, and federal levels, focusing on:

State-Level Advocacy for Thriving Appalachian Communities

At Fahe, our state-level advocacy initiatives are dedicated to educating and engaging leaders on policies, practices, and funding that uplift the residents of Appalachia. In the context of Appalachia, where the issues are multifaceted and deeply ingrained, local leaders serve as a bridge between the grassroots level and larger-scale initiatives. Their involvement is critical in ensuring that place-based solutions are not only effective but also culturally sensitive, community-driven, and sustainable.

By empowering and collaborating with local leaders, we can address the intricate challenges faced by Appalachia in a more comprehensive and impactful manner. Our strength lies in combining grassroots expertise with sound research, allowing us to identify and deliver solutions tailored to the unique needs of our communities.

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    Elevating Affordable Housing and Economic Prosperity

    In scenic Northern Alabama, we are committed to addressing housing challenges that surpass national averages. Fahe is dedicated to promoting increased investment in affordable housing as a pathway to economic development and enhancing the resources available to nonprofit housing and community development experts. Additionally, efforts are underway to forge connections with potential new Members and establish partnerships with advocacy groups and community development organizations based in the state.

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    Fostering Resilience through Strategic Investment

    In Southwest Virginia, Fahe is working towards a more resilient future through increased investment in rural housing. Armed with robust research and expert insights, we are actively engaging with elected and appointed officials, educating them on the unique challenges and opportunities that define Southwest Virginia. The goal is to promote accessible and safe housing while facilitating sustainable economic growth in this culturally rich and naturally beautiful region. By focusing on housing investments, educating officials on the region’s unique challenges, and leveraging research insights, we aim to reverse decades of underinvestment.

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    Preserving Heritage through Affordable Housing Solutions

    Appalachian Kentucky, known for its rich heritage, faces a significant shortage of safe, affordable housing, a problem worsened by major flooding in recent years. Fahe’s collective advocacy in response to this crisis led to the creation of a dedicated Rural Housing Trust Fund to repair and replace homes damaged by natural disasters. The Fahe Network is working closely with Kentucky Housing Corporation to maximize the impact of this fund, while also advocating for greater investments in the state’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund and other key resources for nonprofit housing development. Together, we’re working to address housing challenges and uplift the unique character of Appalachian Kentucky.

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    West Virginia

    Breaking Barriers for Economic Development

    As the only state entirely within the Appalachian Mountain Region, West Virginia faces unique challenges. Over the past century, West Virginia’s economy has undergone significant shifts, marked by the rise and decline of the coal industries that once shaped it. In response to the evolving landscape, Fahe is actively engaged in addressing policy and regulatory hurdles that pose challenges to statewide housing and economic development. We’re actively working to eliminate barriers hindering access to federal resources, developing new financing tools at the state level, and prioritizing efforts to safeguard West Virginians’ access to safe and affordable housing.

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    Sustaining Growth with Affordable Housing Solutions

    From the Mt. City to Memphis, Tennessee’s thriving economy faces a housing shortage. Fahe is committed to ensuring that working families have housing they can afford at any age or stage in life. Working with key partners across the state, we’re driving a comprehensive, multi-year investment strategy, blending federal and state resources to increase nonprofit developers’ capacity to help address the rising demand for affordable housing. Fahe is actively working to keep pace with the region’s growth, providing affordable housing solutions for working families in eastern Tennessee.

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    Mountain Maryland

    Collaborative Solutions for Shared Challenges

    Mountain Maryland shares challenges with West Virginia, and Fahe’s one Maryland member collaborates closely with our West Virginia initiatives. This collective approach, driven by Strength in Numbers, allows us to address shared geographic and economic hurdles effectively.

Join Fahe in our mission to create thriving communities throughout Appalachia.

Contact us to learn more about our impactful advocacy work and collaborative initiatives.

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Federal-Level Advocacy: Empowering Appalachian Communities for Lasting Change

Fahe’s federal level advocacy work is a driving force behind positive change in Appalachia and other regions facing persistent poverty. Our unique perspective and deep expertise fuel our commitment to shaping federal programs that work effectively for these communities.

Here’s how we’re making an impact:

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    Leveraging Expertise for Effective Federal Programs

    At Fahe, we believe that for federal investments to truly benefit places like Appalachia, the programs must be designed with these unique regions in mind from the outset. Our team is dedicated to ensuring this happens. From annual appropriations to policy and regulatory changes, we work tirelessly to make sure federal programs serve the residents of Appalachia and other areas affected by persistent poverty.

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    Annual Appropriations Advocacy

    Fahe advocates for funding for over 25 federal accounts each year. Our appropriations requests help elected officials understand the real impact of federal funding and how these investments can be optimally utilized to serve the residents of Appalachia. We bring a nuanced understanding of the competing desires to ensure targeted and effective use of federal spending and to improve programs to reach our low-income neighbors. Our successes range from investments in rural broadband deployment to ensuring a robust, flexible, response to the economic and housing challenges created by the pandemic. In other critical areas, like the declining housing supply, we continue to work to help lawmakers understand the unique opportunities and challenges that characterize housing in Appalachia. We invite you to join us in this advocacy effort.

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    Dynamic Policy Positions

    With a unique history, diverse topography, and an evolving economy, doing work in Appalachia presents both opportunities and challenges. Fahe’s expertise is derived from deploying federal programs in places they were not initially designed for – deeply rural, persistently poor, or in states lacking robust companion programming. We craft comprehensive policy positions that address the dynamic nature of working in this region. Leveraging our strength in numbers, we present these recommendations to key federal partners, elected officials, and the Administration. Join us in advocating for policies that truly uplift the communities we serve.

Fahe is committed to creating positive change at the federal level, ensuring that programs are not only effective but also tailored to the unique needs of Appalachia and similar regions.

Advocacy is a collective effort, and we invite you to stand with us in making a lasting impact.

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