Invest with Fahe

Better Returns for You, Better Futures for Families

For 40 years, investments from mission-minded people have helped Fahe make Appalachia a better place to live. From housing to medical clinics to day care centers to social enterprise loans, we help you impact the lives of those less fortunate and earn a competitive return, with a 100% repayment track record to every investor in our history.

Investments allow us to act quickly and strategically with meaningful solutions in response to the needs Members report from the ground in communities made even more vulnerable by the COVID-19 pandemic. We manage a portfolio of investments made by individuals and institutions, ranging in size from $1,000 to $50M, terms from 1 to 20 years, and interest rates that vary from 1-3%, depending on the size and duration of the investment.

To invest, please contact Chad McPherson at 859-228-2129, or via email at