Fahe brings people, organizations, and resources together to build homes, communities, and a thriving Appalachia.

About Us
A middle-aged man is smiling and sitting in a wheelchair outside of a blue single-story.

With our network of 50+ diverse community-based nonprofits, we expand economic opportunity and security for all.

Our Members

As leaders, we speak with a unified voice to influence policy, philanthropy, and systems change.

Our Impact

Building Thriving Communities

Fahe is a purpose-oriented Network of 50+ diverse community-based nonprofits serving the Appalachian states of AL, MD, KY, TN, VA, and WV. We have cultivated the deepest-reaching platform to connect investment to boots-on-the-ground-leadership throughout one of the most difficult places to serve in the country.

How Fahe Works


Fahe works through our on-the-ground Membership to support local leaders, address local needs, and build up existing capacity. Fahe is Member-owned and—governed—as the needs of our Members and their communities change, so do Fahe’s strategies and priorities.


By working together to achieve Strength in Numbers across Appalachia, Fahe has grown in the depth and breadth of our impact and in our ability to influence opportunity across communities, sectors, systems, constituencies, and geographies.


Fahe has expanded our Appalachia-focused “go further together” strategy to become a leader of coalitions that advance national advocacy and systems change informed by the perspectives of local leaders and practitioners so all of our nation’s underserved regions can become places of opportunity for all people.

Since 1980, Fahe has worked with our Members and community partners to invest $1.91 billion, generate $1.76 billion in finance, and change the lives of over 941,707 people.

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Fahe Members

Fahe is powered by our boots on the ground: our Member organizations.

Latest News and Events Updates

Rising to Meet the Housing Crisis in Appalachia: an interview with Lindy Turner, Clinch-Powell RC&D

July 9, 2024

Lindy Turner is the Executive Director of Clinch-Powell RC&D. Lindy played a central role in the formation of Clinch-Powell in 1989 and also served in a partnership role as a USDA representative

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Fahe Announces Three Projects in Kentucky to Receive Support from Opportunity Appalachia

June 27, 2024

BEREA, KY–Today, Opportunity Appalachia, a program of Appalachian Community Capital, and State Lead for Kentucky, Fahe, announced selection of 29 projects—including three in Kentucky–to

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How Fahe is Rising to Meet the Housing Crisis in Appalachia: an interview with Jim King, Fahe CEO

June 20, 2024

This post during Homeownership Month kicks off a three-part series on affordable housing. Next month will feature the perspective of one of our Member

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