Higher Ground Property by HOMES, Inc. Earns Builder of the Month Spotlight

Housing | December 15, 2023
Photo Credit: HOMES, Inc.

Higher Ground Property by HOMES, Inc. Earns Builder of the Month Spotlight

In a big win for energy efficiency and affordability, HOMES, Inc., a Fahe Member, was featured as November’s Builder of the Month by RESNET HERS Index.

The Index quantifies a home’s energy efficiency, reflecting its performance against a reference home. The lower the index score, the more energy efficient the home is. The featured higher ground home scored an incredible -3 HERS rating, shown below, meaning that the home will produce more electricity than it uses. This momentous achievement contributes to redefining affordability and underlines our shared commitment to energy efficiency.

Photo Credit: RESNET

HOMES Inc., Executive Director Seth Long said, “Too often, home buyers do not consider the cost of energy into the affordability equation…there is a lot of consideration given to the cost of Principal, Interest, Taxes, and Insurance (PITI) of homeownership, however, little consideration is given to the U cost (Utilities). We think that the formula of affordability should include Utilities (PITIU), as Utility costs make such a big difference when it comes to long-term housing affordability. The HERS rating index score takes the guesswork of the utility cost off the table.

Energy efficiency requires a little more upfront investment and cost but if the consumer considers the long-term savings that can be realized, especially with the increasing cost of energy, the investment will pay for itself many times over during the life of the home.”

See the full interview at HERS Resnet: https://www.hersindex.com/articles/homes-inc/