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June 8, 2020
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June 17, 2020
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Fahe is able to celebrate 40 years of Building the American Dream thanks to the support from great partners we’ve made along the way.  NeighborWorks America (NWA) has been an essential partner for Fahe ever since we joined the NeighborWorks network in 2007.  We are able to create long lasting impact in Appalachia and in our national efforts thanks in no small part to the opportunities NeighborWorks provides in terms of access to essential funding, development of leadership capacity, and nationwide peer-to-peer networking. 

NWA contributes as much as $1M annually towards Fahe’s work in Building the American Dream in Appalachian communities and additional funding targeted to other NeighborWorks Organizations (NWO’s) in our Membership Network.  They are key to supporting our stability in good times and bad, and are working hard on behalf of all Americans to ensure that families have the opportunity to become homeowners and achieve economic inclusion.

Over the course of our relationship with NeighborWorks America, we have been able to offer impactful leadership development and training to our staff and Membership, expand our partnerships both regionally and nationally, and spearhead innovative programs that are creating lasting change in communities.

Some of the more notable programs and events that were made possible thanks to our partnership include:

Appalachia HEAT Squad® (AHS) is a program Fahe created in collaboration with NWA and several Fahe Member organizations.  AHS is dedicated to improving the lives of all people in our region by expanding access to energy efficient home improvements that save people money, improves quality and comfort, and extends the life of the home.  The program offers low cost energy audits, objective advice on energy efficiency improvements, access to qualified contractors, and access to financing options to homeowners of all incomes.

Partners for Rural Transformation is a national coalition dedicated to eliminating persistent poverty and advancing prosperity and economic justice.  The Partners are led by a steering committee composed of CDFIs from around the country:  RCAC (Central Valley), Fahe (Appalachia), HOPE Enterprises (Mississippi Delta), come dream. come build. (Texas colonias), Oweesta (Native American Country), and Communities Unlimited (South).  The Partners work collaboratively across geographies and cultures to collectively influence policy and simultaneously lead, advocate, innovate, and finance individual and community solutions to poverty so that our neighbors can build sustainable and promising futures.  NeighborWorks America is also a partner of the Partners for Rural Transformation as well as a funder along with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, USDA, and Uplift America.

USDA 502 Direct Program – Thanks to our national connections through NWA, in 2009, we were able to quickly rally with other organizations across the country to help address the needs around packaging with the USDA 502 Direct Program.  The 502 Direct Program is a cornerstone in affordable housing for rural communities.

National Rural Summits – We’ve had the pleasure to cohost two national rural summits with NeighborWorks.  The first was in 2014 in Louisville, KY in conjunction with Rural LISC and the second was in 2019, in Knoxville, TN.  These meetings provided a unique opportunity for rural practitioners from around the country to network and share knowledge.

Achieving Excellence is a collaboration between NeighborWorks and Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government which provides training and education to CEOs and senior leaders.  Attendees receive one-on-one coaching and peer support as they participate in a performance program that addresses an organizational challenge or opportunity.  Three of Fahe’s executives have attended and graduated the Achieving Excellence program as well as three Executive Directors in the Fahe Network. 

NeighborWorks America’s support and partnership with Fahe has been essential in our work to Build the American Dream for everyone.  In times of crisis, such as we currently face with COVID-19, such partnerships are more important than ever as we pivot to meet the new needs and the following recovery period.

As we celebrate our 40th Anniversary, we are able to do so thanks to our partners like NWA.  We look forward to the next 40 years and beyond as we Build Strong Communities Together, Every Day. 

Share Your Stories for NeighborWorks Week

Every June, NWA celebrates National Homeownership Month with a weeklong celebration of housing and community building known as NeighborWorks Week. This week is about ALL communities coming together, not only those served the NeighborWorks Organizations.  How is your organization or community group uplifting your neighborhood?  Share your stories and pictures with us and we’ll share them on social media.

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