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January 17, 2020
Olivia Brock

Creating Leaders through Service in Appalachia

Become the leaders of tomorrow by working in Appalachia today. The opportunities that exist for young professionals allows potential leaders to flourish. Place-based practitioners in Appalachia, […]
January 15, 2020

Member Spotlight: Appalachia Habitat for Humanity

2020 marks Fahe’s 40th anniversary of building the American Dream. Over these four decades, Fahe has invested over $1.75 Billion which has directly changed the lives […]
January 10, 2020

Increased Capacity Provides Increased Opportunity to People and Communities

Bringing financial deals together in Appalachia can be a difficult process. One of the ways Fahe helps to build the American Dream is by providing extra […]
January 6, 2020
Tiny House and Keys

The Great Recession Occurred Twelve Years Ago. In Appalachia, it Never Really Ended.

Today’s Blog post was written by Andy Hatem who is Fahe’s Advocacy Intern. A study by the Appalachian Regional Commission highlights the uneven benefits of the […]
January 3, 2020

Addressing Automation and the Presence of Quality Jobs in Appalachia

I tweeted about automation some time ago in the fall (follow my irregular tweets at @AlexDadok) and now return to the topic after Fahe’s visit to […]
December 20, 2019

The Community Reinvestment Act

The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) has long served to encourage commercial banks and savings associations to meet the credit needs of all segments of their communities, […]
December 19, 2019

The Top 10 Fahe Blog Posts of 2019

In Fiscal Year 2019, Fahe served 80,940 people with a direct investment of $123 Million.  Since 1980, we have invested $1.75 Billion into the region, directly […]
December 13, 2019

Year in Review: Project Reinvest Serves Over 300 Families and Paves the Way for New Innovation

Fahe is continually looking for opportunities to bring capital into underserved and hard to reach areas. Helping first-time homebuyers gain the stability and wealth building opportunity […]
December 10, 2019

Cross Country Peer Learning Site Visits Builds Valuable Partnerships and Increases Capacity

Today’s Blog post was written by Angela Stephens who is the Project Development Coordinator in Fahe’s Strategic Programs Department. On November 20-21, 2019, Fahe staff participated […]
December 6, 2019

To Eliminate Persistent Poverty, We Require Real Investment to Match the Existing Capacity

It used to be no one seemed to take much notice of rural parts of our country.  I’ve noticed that in the past few years that […]
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