Fahe Annual Meeting

Fahe will be hosting its Annual Meeting on September 7- 8 at the Hotel Roanoke & Convention Center in Roanoke, VA. The Annual Meeting is a time for our Membership to gather under one roof to share ideas and best practices and plan for the future of serving Appalachia.

There will be discussion and learning around […]

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Rural Homelessness. What can be done?

When you ask people to describe homelessness, they will mention the obvious and visible forms that occur more often in urban areas: people sleeping on the streets, cardboard signs asking for help, shopping carts filled with personal belongings.   In rural areas, homelessness doesn’t always take such obvious forms and those who suffer from it can […]

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Underbanked In Appalachia

Living in an underbanked (or unbanked) area can have serious negative consequences on a household. Without access to mainstream financial services offered by retail banks such as checking and savings accounts or the ability to take short term loans at a reasonable interest rate, people often turn to other services such as payday lenders, check […]

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Meet Beth Boyce

Beth Boyce of Phillipi, WV is a recently divorced mother of three. During the divorce proceedings, Beth temporarily moved into a house owned by a friend that was set to be placed on the market. With her youngest son still living with her, she decided that the best course of action would be to buy […]

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The NeighborWorks Book

NeighborWorks America has officially announced the network organizations to be featured in the upcoming NeighborWorks Book to be published December 2016.

The Fahe Network will be featured in the book several times with case studies contributed from Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise, Community Action Partnership of North Alabama, Community Housing Partners, Community Ventures, Fahe, Frontier Housing, and HomeSource […]

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How to find USDA Approved Homes

If you follow our blog then you’ve seen a lot of buzz about USDA 502 Direct home loans. We are proud of our partnership with USDA Rural Development and we feel very fortunate to be able to offer such great products to future homeowners.

USDA home loans are a great choice for people looking to buy […]

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Fahe, USDA, and WV Housing Development Fund Expand Access to Housing for Low-income Families

Fahe, USDA, and WV Housing Development Fund Expand Access to Housing for Low-income Families

The Fund has joined with Fahe and USDA to become the only state housing agency to offer the USDA 502 Direct Home Loan

Charleston WV – On June 23, 2016, an important step forward was made for families in West Virginia when […]

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Public / Nonprofit Partnership Creates Permanent Program with USDA RD

The USDA 502 Direct Loan has been the cornerstone of affordable housing financing for decades, helping low- and very low-income people and families in rural areas acquire safe, quality housing at a rate they can afford.

While the 502 Direct Program offers a great service, repeated cuts to the USDA Rural Development (RD) budget greatly reduced […]

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Mortgage Broker Bootcamp

As part of Fahe’s ongoing commitment to strengthening our Members’ resilience and providing Appalachia with quality resources, we recently hosted a two day Mortgage Broker Bootcamp. The Bootcamp was a collaboration between Fahe, Members, and partner organizations to provide education and resources to those interested in bringing quality mortgage products to rural and underserved areas.

Among […]

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SALS Provides Needed Rental in Appalachia


Finding a quality rental in Appalachia is difficult, but when you have a disability that requires modifications to your living space, it can be impossible.  However, Kathy Kiser, a resident of Gauley Bridge, WV, has just moved into a newly remodeled apartment that allows her wheelchair to move freely through the doorways.  She no longer […]

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