Fahe is on a mission to eliminate persistent poverty in Appalachia. Our unique collaborative model connects a Network of local, regional, and national leaders, all working together to uplift our nation’s rural places.

Through our Network of 50+ locally-rooted nonprofits, we have guided over 300,000 families to better lives, made over $536 million in direct investments to the region, and achieved a total cumulative financial impact of over $1.15 billion.

Our Plan For Appalachia


When a family has a quality home they can afford, it provides a source of strength and security that cultivates a brighter future.


The creation and retention of living-wage jobs is necessary for a community to thrive and allows families to flourish.


Access to healthcare, infrastructure, clean drinking water and more are fundamental building blocks for healthy and prosperous communities.

Why Support Fahe?

Boots on the Ground

Our network of members understand the issues that face communities in our region because they live and work where they serve.

A History of Impact

Through our 35 year history, our network has had a cumulative impact of over a billion dollars in Appalachia, and has served more than 300,000 families.


Fahe has an outstanding reputation for leading collaborations that include local, regional, and national level partners.