Year in Review: Project Reinvest Serves Over 300 Families and Paves the Way for New Innovation

appalachia, Housing, National | December 13, 2019

Fahe is continually looking for opportunities to bring capital into underserved and hard to reach areas. Helping first-time homebuyers gain the stability and wealth building opportunity of homeownership is a key strategy. Through the Project Reinvest Program, Fahe provided over $3 million dollars in down payment assistance and through its network of local leaders helped more than 300 families in six states purchase homes. This program was possible because of Fahe’s relationship with Neighborworks America and our deep reaching network of partners, as well as innovative lines of business like our mortgage division, JustChoice Lending.

Fahe is always learning and growing from each program and initiative we embark on.  We work closely with our Members and Partners not only to strategically deploy funding like Project Reinvest, but also to learn from that experience to improve product delivery and impact in the future. Thanks to the experience and knowledge gained from working with Project Reinvest, we are developing even more responsive and impactful home financing programs designed to provide even greater benefits for the homebuyers and their communities.  In 2020, we will make announcements on these exciting new programs.

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