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Yadira ESH

Member Spotlight: KRFDC and the Eastern Scholar House

October 1, 2019

Ensuring access to higher education in Appalachia is crucial. In 2017, as a part of our commitment to education in Appalachia, Fahe collaborated with Member Kentucky River Foothills Development

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Fahe Proud to Partner with Groups Supporting Children’s Health and Educational Attainment

October 2, 2017

Children who have access to safe, affordable housing and a local support system grow up healthier, happier, and have greater opportunities in life.  In honor of National Child Health Day, which

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Construction of Eastern Scholar House on EKU’s Campus to Provide Educational Opportunities, Housing, and Child Care

September 21, 2016

Fahe supports increased educational attainment in Appalachia. In our region, as with many other parts of the country, single parents have greater difficulty finding the time and money to attend

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