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June 11, 2019
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Summary of Issues Facing Rural Housing

Appalachia and other persistent poverty areas face an urgent need for funding to support affordable housing. This information is nothing new for the people who live and work in these areas, but it may not always be readily apparent to those living outside these places. Fahe is creating and compiling relevant information around the issues we face in Appalachia. Our goal is to empower our Members and partners in the region with accessible data and to share this with advocates for persistent poverty regions.

Fahe’s Research Director Katy Stigers has recently prepared a brief report, “Summary of Issues Facing Rural Housing.” It details the challenges around housing in rural areas, such as low incomes, high energy costs, and availability of quality housing stock. This is not a complete or exhaustive accounting of every factor that impacts the affordability of rural housing, but outlines some of the differences from metropolitan areas facing housing need. Fahe has prepared this report to help inform interested parties of the issues and needs faced around affordable housing in persistent poverty areas.

For the full report please click here

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