Meet Beth Boyce

appalachia, Housing | July 29, 2016

Beth Boyce of Phillipi, WV is a recently divorced mother of three. During the divorce proceedings, Beth temporarily moved into a house owned by a friend that was set to be placed on the market. With her youngest son still living with her, she decided that the best course of action would be to buy a home of her own. Beth had concerns about the process because she had never purchased a home on her own before. Would she be able to do it as a single mother? Would the process be tedious and overwhelming?

“When I made the decision, I called a local office,” said Beth. “The loan officer pulled my credit and to my surprise referred me to JustChoice Lending in Kentucky. He said they would be the best fit for my needs. So I called, and right away I clicked with Janel Martin. At that moment I knew I had made a good choice.”
JustChoice Lending is Fahe’s mortgage division that strengthens communities by creating successful homeowners. After going over the preliminary questions, Janel determined that Beth qualified for a USDA 502 Guaranteed loan. A 502 Guaranteed loan is for rural residents who have a low- to moderate –income and don’t qualify for a conventional loan.

While Beth and Janel hit it off instantly, the process of getting her home loan came with a few unexpected, external bumps in the road, including an issue with existing property jointly owned with her ex-husband and a new rule that changed the appraisal process. However, despite these incidents Beth stated that the process of getting her home loan went smoother than expected because of the support she received from JustChoice Lending. “At one point, the last thing we were waiting for was the last report from the appraisers. Janel actually offered to check her email in the evening in order to expedite the process. She did this even though her daughter had a school program that night.”

A week after that night, the loan closed and Beth became a homeowner.

“I love my new home. I can do whatever I want with it,” she said. “While it wouldn’t have been my choice to raise my sons, this house is perfect for me, in this time of my life. I can take care of everything myself, it’s close to my work, and it’s close to family. I can’t wait to celebrate my first Thanksgiving and Christmas here with my boys.”
Beth said that she would recommend JustChoice Lending to anyone, especially if they’re intimidated by the process. “I deal with customer satisfaction every day at the hospital where I work,” said Beth. “So I understand a lot about it. Janel went above and beyond in her work.”