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JustChoice Lending is for All Families in Appalachia

appalachia, Housing | August 11, 2017

Fahe’s vision for Appalachia is that everyone – no matter background or income level – should experience financial stability. That’s why our mortgage division, JustChoice Lending (JCL), offers products for anyone.  While Fahe and our Membership Network provide opportunities for thousands of low-income families, they are not the only people whom we serve.  Bob and Lesa Kilbourn from Berea, KY are a great example.  Thanks to JCL, they were able to cut their mortgage payments in half.

“JustChoice Lending has allowed my husband to step back from work and enjoy his life and grandchildren,” said Lesa. The Kilbourns have both been happy employed in the surgery unit at the local hospital for several decades- Bob as a surgical technician and Lesa as a scheduler.  Besides their work lives, the Kilbourns enjoy spending time with their six grandkids and taking care of the rescue dogs they foster.

As anyone who has ever worked in healthcare can tell you, while rewarding, the hours are long and the work is hard. As the Kilbourns grow older, they want more time away from work to enjoy life.  “My husband is 69 years old and working full time,” said Lesa.  “I want him to have a break so he can enjoy getting to paint and spending time with our grandchildren.”

However, getting away from the long hours at the hospital has been near impossible due to their incredibly high mortgage and interest payments. “We talked to a few organizations about refinancing, but our work hours are different than theirs and nobody was willing to work with us on schedules.  We got to the point of not knowing where to go.”  Bob and Lesa thought the only way they would be able to keep their home would be through working long hours at the hospital until they were forced into retirement.

Luckily, one of Lesa’s co-workers heard about JustChoice Lending and how they are connected to a nonprofit organization.  They learned that not only could JCL help them refinance their mortgage but they were also willing to take the time to work around their schedules.

“We had a great experience,” said Lesa.  “We didn’t have to wait long at all.  David [Brock] and Tammy [Sparks] were very knowledgeable; they took their time and answered all my questions.  They always kept me up-to-date.”

Even better for the Kilbourns is the fact that JCL offers a service known as the Hometown Hero program which offers special incentives such as a quarter off interest rates to people who serve the community including teachers, police officers, and medical professionals.

After going through the mortgage refinancing process with JCL, the Kilbourns were able to get their interest reduced and their monthly payments cut in half.

“It just took a burden off of us,” said Lesa. “I would have been tickled with just $300 off my mortgage.  JustChoice Lending has made it possible for us to have a life.

I just sent my daughter to talk to David and I’m telling everyone who will listen to me to go to JustChoice Lending.  They’re real people who want to help you.”