Hal Rogers Receives Partnering for Success Award

appalachia, Housing | July 22, 2013

398px-Hal_Rogers_Official_Photo_2010Community Action Kentucky awarded Kentucky Congressman Harold Dallas “Hal” Rogers the 2013 “Partnering for Success” Award.  Rep. Rogers was selected for the award due to his focus on job creation, training, and placement within his congressional district – one of the poorest in the country.

Community Action Agencies Crucial for Appalachia

During his recorded acceptance speech, Rep. Rogers stated that Community Action Agencies are crucial in helping low-income families through these tough economic times.

“Thanks to you, our Community Action Agencies,” he said, “thousands of families are making ends meet.”

Helping the Region

Historically, Rep. Rogers has backed programs that assist low-income families.  One such program is the USDA Section 502 Direct Single Family Mortgage Program.  The 502 Direct loans are set up to allow low-income homebuyers a chance to own a home at a lower mortgage rate through the USDA instead of going through traditional financial institutions.  In 2011, Fahe and several of our members joined other non-profits in Washington, DC to fight against budget cuts to this important program. These concentrated efforts proved successful and allowed the program to survive with only a 30% cut instead of the intended 66%.

According to Tom Carew, Fahe’s Executive VP of Membership and Advocacy, “Congressman Rogers has played a pivotal role in obtaining adequate funding for the USDA Section 502 Direct Single Family Mortgage Program despite drastic cuts in the President’s budget.”

You can listen to Rep. Roger’s acceptance speech here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeD0mPp7PSo.  We heartily agree with his sentiments that it’s “time to redefine rural areas of Kentucky” and to escape the generational cycle of poverty.

The Fahe Network has 10 Community Action Agencies among our 53 members.

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