Federal-Level Advocacy: Empowering Appalachian Communities for Lasting Change

Fahe’s federal level advocacy work is a driving force behind positive change in Appalachia and other regions facing persistent poverty. Our unique perspective and deep expertise fuel our commitment to shaping federal programs that work effectively for these communities. Here’s how we’re making an impact:

Leveraging Expertise for Effective Federal Programs:

At Fahe, we believe that for federal investments to truly benefit places like Appalachia, the programs must be designed with these unique regions in mind from the outset. Our team is dedicated to ensuring this happens. From annual appropriations to policy and regulatory changes, we work tirelessly to make sure federal programs serve the residents of Appalachia and other areas affected by persistent poverty.

Annual Appropriations Monitoring:

Fahe takes on the responsibility of monitoring over 25 federal accounts each year. This helps elected officials understand the real impact of federal funding and how these investments can be optimally utilized to serve the residents of Appalachia. We advocate for a nuanced understanding of the dual reality of shrinking federal spending and the unprecedented historical opportunity. Sometimes, as seen in recent investments in rural broadband internet deployment, we succeed. In other critical areas like the declining housing supply, we continue to work towards convincing lawmakers of the unique opportunities at hand. We invite you to join us in this advocacy effort.

Dynamic Policy Positions:

With a unique history, diverse topography, and an evolving economy, doing work in Appalachia presents both opportunities and challenges. Fahe’s expertise is derived from deploying federal programs in places they were not initially designed for – deeply rural, persistently poor, or in states lacking robust companion programming. We craft comprehensive policy positions that address the dynamic nature of working in this region. Leveraging our strength in numbers, we present these recommendations to key federal partners, elected officials, and the Administration. Join us in advocating for policies that truly uplift the communities we serve.

Fahe is committed to creating positive change at the federal level, ensuring that programs are not only effective but also tailored to the unique needs of Appalachia and similar regions. Advocacy is a collective effort, and we invite you to stand with us in making a lasting impact.