Fahe Network Participates in Discussions on Opportunities for Recovery Funding and Housing in West Virginia

appalachia, Community Health | October 2, 2020

On Monday, September 28th, Fahe staff and Members presented at the Virtual WV Recovery Housing Conference. This two-day event offered the opportunity for agencies, funders, and developers to discuss West Virginia’s recovery housing options for individuals with substance use disorders and explore funding opportunities around the development of recovery housing.

Fahe has been involved in developing recovery housing projects for several years, working closely with Fahe Members and partners in Kentucky. Fahe has provided financing, or access to funding, for the creation of several recovery facilities in the Appalachian region, both Member and partner led. One such partnership between Fahe Member HOMES, Inc. and Fahe partner Addiction Recovery Care was made possible through a KORE housing grant. Fahe benefits greatly from the expertise within our Network of leaders across the Region, combined with strong partnerships in communities and local governments where Fahe has developed trusted relationships.

Fahe also engages in recovery program efforts outside of recovery housing. Kentucky Access to Recovery (KATR) is one such program. KATR provides recovery support resources for eligible individuals in recovery from opioid addiction in 15 counties in Kentucky. Another program connected to Fahe’s recovery efforts is the Transformational Employment program, an 8-month internship that connects recovering individuals with meaningful employment opportunities in 12 counties in Eastern Kentucky.

Hope Center – Lexington, Kentucky.
Another Recovery Program Strategic Programs helped to secure funding

Fahe also leads a cross-sector Recovery Working Group. Fahe Member Religious Coalition for Community Renewal, based in Charleston, WV, has been a participant within that working group. Another recovery and workforce initiative is Hope Building in Hazard, Kentucky. Hope Building is a collaborative housing and workforce project being led by Fahe member Housing Development Alliance, Inc. (HDA).

On the first day of the conference, Fahe Program Manager Vanessa Lominac Haste participated on a panel to share Fahe’s experience developing recovery housing facilities in Kentucky and other recovery efforts. Fahe’s presentation highlighted the power of partnerships within the recovery community, and discussed how collaborative partnerships have been an essential ingredient in the success of Fahe’s recovery housing efforts.

Karen Jacobson, Executive Director of Randolph County Housing Authority and Fahe Board Chair, participated in a panel discussing the role of Housing Authorities and Nonprofit Developers. This session offered a snapshot of what public housing authorities do and their role in recovery housing.

Dave Clark, Executive Director of Fahe member Woodlands Development Group & Community Lenders, served on the same panel as Karen Jacobson. Dave shared how housing authorities can work together with non-profits and other community development entities such as Fahe to produce quality recovery housing.  

West Virginia ranks first in the country for fatal opioid overdoses. Safe and affordable housing supports long-term recovery for individuals with substance use disorders, and expanding access to recovery housing in West Virginia is crucial to ending the opioid epidemic. By hosting the WV Recovery Housing Conference, West Virginia Housing Development Fund (WVHDF) and the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) are bringing new opportunities and resources into the state to ensure the health and safety of individuals, families, and West Virginian communities. 

As Fahe continues to research and expand recovery efforts across the Network, we look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with additional West Virginia Members and other prospective partners to increase the access to recovery housing and programs in West Virginia. The leaders within the Fahe Network are committed to developing solutions that can build a better future for the communities of West Virginia and the Appalachian Region.

To visit the WV Recovery Housing conference site, visit https://www.wvrecoveryhousing.org/.

To visit Fahe’s exhibitor page for the conference, visit https://www.wvrecoveryhousing.org/fahe/.

For more info about Fahe’s recovery work, contact Vanessa Haste at vhaste@fahe.org.

See a complete listing of Fahe Members at https://fahe.org/members/.