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Fahe Extending Emergency Lending to Members during COVID-19 Crisis

appalachia, Economic Oopportunity | March 17, 2020

As our country deals with COVID-19, Fahe’s Community Lending has initiated an Emergency Loan Fund offering 0% interest loans should our Member organizations need assistance ensuring that they are able to continue to provide services to the vulnerable populations they serve.  According to a report from the Federal Reserve Board, 4 in 10 adults faced with an unexpected expense of $400 would be unable to cover the burden or would be forced to borrow or sell personal items to meet the expense.  During these uncertain times, we fear that many of our friends, family, and neighbors will face increased hardships and will need assistance.

Fahe Members offer a variety of holistic services for their communities, including housing, rental assistance, utility assistance, temporary shelter, recovery services, and more. With such an incredible range of services offered for these communities in need, it is vitally important these organizations remain able to continue operations for the foreseeable future for the good of our region.

The Emergency Loan Fund helps to ensure our Members that serve these communities are secure during these extraordinary times.