502 Direct Loan Program Spotlight: Brian Reppert

appalachia, Housing | September 6, 2019

For many, Brian Reppert is a staple in his home community of Madison County, KY. A Berea native, Brian followed in the footsteps of his parents and dedicated his life to education.  For over 20 years, he has been a teacher and basketball coach in Central KY. During his years of teaching and coaching, he has impacted a countless number of students’ lives and athletic careers. As a coach, he continually encourages the young men and women under his instruction to excel by being hands on and offering positive reinforcements. Many of his former players have gone on to secure spots on D1, DII, and DIII basketball teams upon graduating high school. When this dedicated and humble community member applied to the USDA 502 Direct Loan program, Fahe’s JustChoice Lending was excited to work with him.

It’s always rewarding to see to see someone purchasing a home, but it’s even more rewarding to see this happen for someone who has given so much for the community. Throughout the process, Brian worked with Linda Sabino, who is a Lending Mortgage Originator for JustChoice Lending. After the closing, Linda shared a few words about working with Brian:

Brian Reppert is one of the most deserving recipients to take advantage of the 502 Direct USDA program that I have had the pleasure to work with.  As a teacher that has humbly committed over 20 years to Madison county kids, and he is additionally kind hearted and diligent. In fact, shortly after the closing he had to go tend to his mother that had been in the hospital for 11 days with some severe health conditions. . He has good instincts with directional advice to students and is committed to mentoring them as well. His humble demeanor would never position him into a position of being spotlighted or “pushing” for promotion, but he has stayed the course.

JustChoice Lending currently leads a network of 200+ Direct packaging partners and has delivered over 1,800 families with over $250M if 502 Direct financing. The USDA 502 Direct Loan program allows for low and very low income applicants to obtain affordable and safe housing in rural areas. By choosing to go through the USDA 502 Direct Loan program, qualified applicants gain greater purchasing power compared to conventional lending programs. The borrowers, such as Brian, are able to purchase a home that’s not only at a higher price point, but is also more solid, energy efficient, and up to date. Brian was able to secure a loan that allowed him the purchasing power of a $155,000 home. If he didn’t go through the 502 program, he would have qualified for a home in the range of $85-90K.  That range would made finding the right home difficult, but now he be able to find the home that best suits his needs. Congratulations on your closing, Brian!

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