Transformational Employment Opportunity

Transformational Employment Opportunity – Build A Better Community Today

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Transformational employment is a vital step to a recovering individual by connecting them with a meaningful employment opportunity. Employment is proven to be a crucial aspect in accomplishing long term recovery. We set out to erase the stigma associated with recovery, change society’s perception of transformational employment, and help recovering individuals find their place in society with a meaningful position across 8 counties in KY.

Incentives to Hire (offered by Fahe)
• Access to untapped employee pool
• Build a stronger community
• Raises KY’s workforce rate
• Strengthen KY’s economy
• Help fight SUD relapse

Perks of Transformational Employment
• Access to a large pool of potential employees
• An opportunity to help someone change their life
• Benefitting your community
• Erasing the stigma
• Trained employees

Ways to Reduce Risk
•Federal Bonding
•Work Opportunity Tax Credits
•Culture of Accountability

Credit to KY Chamber

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