Year in Review: Project Reinvest Serves Over 300 Families and Paves the Way for New Innovation
December 13, 2019
The Community Reinvestment Act
December 20, 2019
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In Fiscal Year 2019, Fahe served 80,940 people with a direct investment of $123 Million.  Since 1980, we have invested $1.5 Billion into the region, directly changing the lives of 616,694 people. We were able to impact thousands of people and uplift communities thanks to the direct community involvement and hard work of our Members and thanks to the great support of other partners and friends.   

As we begin the holiday season and transition into a new year, we want to give a heartfelt thanks to all of those who have supported Fahe and the elimination of persistent poverty in Appalachia.  We have collected the top 10 Blog Posts of 2019 to share as a small reminder of the great work we have done together. 

May it uplift your heart to review the good work we have done together and may it inspire you to continue working, investing, and believing in Appalachia.

The Top 10:

Announcing Kentucky Access to Recovery Program

Beattyville Hope Station

Fahe Members and Partners Receive ARC Funding for Recovery and Reemployment

VCHR Housing Needs Assessment in Central Appalachia

Fahe Awarded $20 Million Through the CDFI Bond Guarantee Program

Meet Fahe’s Research Director Katy Stigers

Fahe’s Transformational Employment Program

2019 Annual Meeting Awards

Increasing Homeownership Through USDA 502 Direct One Day at a Time

Three Fahe Members Open New Financial Opportunity Centers

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