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July 31, 2014
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The Teacher Village portion of the Reconnecting McDowell project will provide 30 apartment-style housing units, collaborate areas, and community amenities for teachers who are much needed in the Welch County, WV area.

The project has been moving forward steadily and within the last month, two buildings were acquired in the downtown area.   There has been a lot of excitement over the prospect because there hasn’t been any new significant construction in the area for decades.

Reconnecting McDowell and the Teacher Village are important to Welch County and Appalachia as a whole because of the great need for permanent educators.  Reconnecting McDowell is working to ensure that strong education equals a strong economy and this project is the plan for their children’s and the county’s future.

You can learn more about Reconnecting McDowell and Fahe’s involvement in the teacher village by going here.

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