June is Volunteers Month
June 3, 2014
Guest Blog: A Life Shaped by Volunteerism
June 11, 2014

During NeighborWorks Week, June 7-15, we will be revisiting the town of West Liberty.  Two years ago, the town was devastated by an EF3 tornado with winds up to 165 miles per hour.   Seven lives were lost and nearly 400 homes and businesses were destroyed.   Many came to the aid of West Liberty to help them rebuild.

However, the town of West Liberty decided that they wouldn’t simply rebuild, but they would take this tragedy and turn it into an opportunity to shape West Liberty around a 21st century, lower-cost, sustainable infrastructure.  Rebuilding West Liberty is a locally developed plan that will help to create new job opportunities, increase the tax base, and make West Liberty more attractive to new residents.

In 2013, Rebuilding West Liberty was selected to present at the Clinton Global Initiative America annual meeting and was met with great enthusiasm.

As we revisit West Liberty in the upcoming week, we will provide updates on the Rebuilding West Liberty program and the impact that it is having not just on local residents but also for people living in surrounding cities.





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