Revisiting East Corbin School Apartments

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October 3, 2013
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October 24, 2013

A few months ago we featured a video showcasing the development of the East Corbin School Apartments located in Corbin, KY. Fahe worked with Greater Corbin Housing to renovate a prominent landmark into 32 energy efficient apartments for low-income families.  The construction of the apartments not only provided much needed housing to the area but also created 33 local construction jobs.


Well, the apartments are coming along great and will soon be open for business.  The waiting list has already filled up.  Below are a few before and after pictures of the renovation.



east corbin old front








hall window








broken glass









east corbing new front
















hallway hotwater heater








external stairs








This type of transformation is why adaptive rehabs are important to Appalachia.  Adaptive rehabs take existing usable structures and instead of tearing them down, turn them into something useable and beautiful for a fraction of the cost of new construction.  Reusing the old buildings also reduces the time of construction and dramatically cuts down on the waste from demolishing the buildings.

We have featured other adaptive rehabs on our blog such as Main Cross Senior Apartments and St. Bartholomew Apartments.

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