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July 22, 2013
Appalachian Tales
August 5, 2013

fahe-logo-291x100If you’re on our blog, then you know that Fahe is a non-profit that leverages resources to improve the quality of life in Appalachia.  You’ve also learned that making Appalachia a better place isn’t as simple as one approach.  Fahe utilizes many different avenues in improving communities and the lives of the people who live here.

Because we are a membership organization that partners with 53 individual Appalachian non-profits, Fahe has unique access to Appalachia and a better understanding of the living conditions than outsiders.  This also means we better understand how to utilize resources when it comes to the needs of the communities.

Picture Fahe as a funnel.  We take in resources, including donations from caring individuals such as you, and we mix them together.  We then deliver these resources efficiently to the right areas.

And that’s what we do.  While it’s not a simple process, we do make it simple for investors and donators to get their money where it will do the most good.  Fahe has over 30 years of experience working in Appalachia.  The Appalachian area is known to be a difficult market to work in and it is not a task that just anyone can perform.  Utilizing our Membership Network and other deep relationships we have cultivated over the years, Fahe has become well known for making a difference.

To learn more about Fahe please visit any of the following pages:

Mortgage Lending

Community Lending


Capital Investing

Loan Servicing

Membership Network

To learn more about how you can directly help Appalachia, then follow the links for investments or donations.

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