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Fahe has cultivated the deepest reaching platform to connect investment to boots on the ground leadership throughout one of the most difficult places to serve in the country – Appalachia. Fahe’s Membership Network is comprised of 50+ local nonprofits across the Appalachian portions of KY, TN, WV, VA, AL, and MD.

Our Network of local leaders and partners builds communities and economies that work. Since 1980, the Fahe Network has served 858,043 people, made $1.36 billion in direct investments to the region, and achieved a total cumulative financial impact of $1.71 billion.

Fahe is also a founding member of the Partners for Rural Transformation. The Partners are a national coalition working collaboratively across geographies and cultures to collectively influence policy and simultaneously lead, advocate, innovate, and finance individual and community solutions to poverty. Fahe is one of six CDFIs that comprise the steering committee.

How to refer to Fahe

We are frequently asked how to refer to Fahe for publications and events.  We use the name Fahe (fa – hē) for all public, media, and communications purposes.

We were founded in 1980 as the Federation of Appalachian Housing Enterprises and this remains our legal name.  However, in 2014, we officially changed the outward facing name in order to reflect the many facets of our work. While housing remains the cornerstone of our mission, we also focus heavily on Leadership, Education, Health & Well being, and Economic Opportunity.

Fahe is not an acronym. It is our name.

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