Address: 65 Bentley Ave., Whitesburg, KY 41858

Phone: (606) 632-1717


Counties Served: Letcher, Floyd, Harlan, Knott, Wise, Dickenson, and Pike

Services Provided: Affordable Home Repairs, Affordable low and moderate income New Home Construction, Rental Home Development, Residential Energy Efficiency, Solar Installations, Partnership with Addiction Recovery Care Providing Building Trades Vocational Training, Community Construction Project

About: HOMES, Inc.’s mission is to provide affordable housing solutions to low income families in Letcher and surrounding counties. These affordable housing solutions include energy efficient homebuyer opportunities, quality home repairs and rental opportunities.

Our organization is committed to the spirit of service through addressing the most basic need necessary for a healthy and productive body and spirit…the provision of shelter and a safe and inviting space to live and plan for a brighter future.  Whether the work is performed through our staff, or legions of selfless volunteers, we hope to instill a sense of pride, giving and serve as examples of the far-reaching impact and joy of servant leadership in the areas within which we work.