Address: 1019 Hampshire Dr., Maryville, TN 37801

Phone: (865) 982-8692


Counties Served: Blount, Loudon, Monroe, and Sevier

Services Provided: low- moderate income Energy Start homes, credit repair counseling, financial qualification assistance, foreclosure avoidance assistance, down payment and permanent financing, and financial assistance

About: Foothills CDC (FCDC) was founded by Blount County Habit for Humanity (BCHfH) in 2003. Since that time, FCDC has grown as a separate nonprofit affordable housing entity who maintained a close, cooperative but noncompetitive partnership with BCHfH. This partnership fostered a synergistic approach to the affordable housing problem in Blount County TN. By close cooperation in neighborhood construction, outreach programs, land purchase, co-staffing, advertising and a myriad of other areas, FCDC and BCHfH enhanced their separate and combined abilities to accomplish their mission of providing safe, decent and affordable housing for low income families. The result for FCDC alone, since constructing our first home in 2006, has been to provide
100 new construction homes, 6 remodeled homes, as well as down payment assistance and permanent financing for over 40 more homebuyers. Through our
efforts, FCDC efforts have provided homes for over 300 low income family members with a value in excess of over $15 million dollars. This has been accomplished while maintaining a foreclosure rate less than 1%. None of this would have been possible without the support, expertise and a strong business relationship with Fahe.