Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise


Address: 1500 Chestnut St., Ste. 102, Chattanooga, TN 37408

Phone: (423) 756-6224


Counties Served: Hamilton

Services Provided: Homeownership Counseling, homeownership and financial education, down payment assistance, lending products, Section 8 to Homeownership, home improvement lending, foreclosure prevention, small business lending, Money School, real estate development, and community engagement

About:  Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise (CNE) strives to help the Chattanooga community by putting the focus on strengthening neighborhoods and providing education, counseling, and lending services that create strong neighbors that will help communities thrive.

CNE’s homeownership counseling and financial education opportunities give Chattanoogans the tools and knowledge needed to become successful homebuyers. In addition to the education piece, CNE also offers conventional loan products for home purchase lending, down payment assistance, home improvement loans, and more to provide homebuyers and homeowners with the options they need to purchase, keep, or improve their homes. In 2015, CNE answered the need for lifelong financial education by creating Money School, a one day event that connects Chattanoogans with financial resources offered by nonprofits and community organizations.

CNE actively engages with community members and neighborhood officials to discuss changes residents wish to see in their own neighborhoods. Using the answers and data collected from this outreach, CNE constructs plans and projects centered around resident input and actively engages with residents throughout the development process. It is CNE’s goal to equip residents with the leadership skills needed to advocate for their communities in the future and affect positive change.

By providing tools and education for strong neighbors and developing projects designed to strengthen neighborhoods, CNE continues to work toward the mission of creating economically diverse communities filled with financially empowered citizens and housing for all.