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2020 marks Fahe’s 40th anniversary of building the American Dream. Over these four decades, Fahe has invested over $1.5 Billion which has directly changed the lives of over 616,000 people.  Our 50+ Members, all local leaders, are directly responsible for our ability to connect communities to investments and opportunity. As we celebrate our anniversary throughout the year, we are taking time to acknowledge and showcase our Members and highlight the important work they are doing which will impact the future of our communities for the next 40 years and beyond.

Knoxville Leadership Foundation—Knoxville, TN

For over 25 years, Knoxville Leadership Foundation (KLF) has been weaving the fabric of a strong community by connecting their service area with the necessary resources individuals and families need to thrive. Focused on city-wide change, KLF brings together churches, the government, businesses, educators, neighborhoods, and individuals to create change. By weaving together all the individual strands of a community, they have created a platform where Knoxville can be transformed.

To achieve this transformation, KLF engages leaders of good faith and good will, builds the capacity of others, and develops joint programing initiatives. In the last seven years alone, 17,784 people have been served, 11,617 volunteers have been mobilized, and 2,657 organizations have been engaged through KLF’s efforts. Guided by the verse Jeremiah 29:7, KLF has actively moved resources through the community while reconciling people to Jesus Christ and to each other.

Through maintaining and nurturing long-term relationships with individuals and organizations throughout Knoxville, KLF is able to help guide communities toward a healthy future. Currently, KLF has nine different initiatives in place that addresses a variety topics such as homeownership, at-risk youth, and workforce development.

Knoxville Leadership Foundation is a charter member of the Leadership Foundations (LF) Global Network which impacts 42 cities around the world. KLF is also a leader in the Compassion Coalition, an alliance of churches, organizations, and businesses who are committed to inform, equip, and connect churches and like-minded businesses to transform the lives in their communities. KLF and the Coalition are maintaining an active database of necessary resources for individuals and families suffering due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through their work, Knoxville Leadership Foundation has helped build the American Dream for so many in their community. To learn more about KLF, or to keep up with current projects, follow the links below:





Join our Anniversary Celebration

Over the course of 2020, we will be celebrating Fahe’s history through sharing historical photos, family stories, and future projects, as well as other Member Highlights. Please join our 40th anniversary celebration by sharing your memories, pictures, and support for Fahe on social media.  Please join in by using the hashtag #WeAreFahe.  You can find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Olivia Brock Schemanski
Olivia Brock Schemanski
Olivia Brock Schemanski serves as Fahe's Communication VISTA. She holds a BA in Business Administration with a minor in Public Relations from Eastern Kentucky University. She's an avid lover of music and in her free time she enjoys photography, going to concerts and re-watching "The Office."

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