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July 2, 2020
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The Fahe Network consists of 50+ Member organizations, spanning across the Appalachian portions of Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, Alabama, and Maryland. During the best of times, these local leaders provide essential services to their communities including housing, economic, and community development. During times of crisis they stand with their communities, often increasing or modifying the types of services available to match the current need. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, the Fahe Network has served the region for 40 years Building the American Dream. This collaboration has invested over $1.5 Billion into Appalachia, which has directly impacted the lives of over 616,000 people. We are taking the time to celebrate each of these Members during our 40th anniversary, as we continue in partnership to ensure that no community is left behind.

Kentucky River Community Care— Hazard, KY

“Today is the day to invest in you, because you’re worth it.” Mental healthcare, especially surrounding substance abuse, is a service much needed in our rural places and Kentucky River Community Care (KRCC) has been providing essential access to eastern Kentucky since 1969. Based in Hazard, KRCC is a nonprofit Community Mental Health Center dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the people in their region.  Serving Breathitt, Knott, Lee, Leslie, Letcher, Owsley, Perry, and Wolfe County, KRCC offers access to variety of services that help to promote public safety, boost economic wellbeing, and improve community and individual quality of life.

KRCC has an Open Access System which allows clients to determine where and when they’d like to start their process. Clients are able to walk-in to any of KRCC’s outpatient offices for their initial service visit with a Behavioral Health Clinician. From there, KRCC works with their clients to guide them on their path to success. The services KRCC provides includes crisis services, substances use services, children services, adult services, developmental and intellectual disabilities services, healthcare, and housing services.

KRCC also provides enhanced telehealth services, which encourages clients to stay healthy and connected even when they’re unable to physically come to the office. Telehealth is an important service in Appalachia due to the pockets of geographic isolations and long travel times to health clinics.  It is proving especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Along with being part of the Fahe Network and offering their expertise to others in the Membership, Fahe and KRCC have directly collaborated on a number of housing and drug recovery initiatives including Red Bud housing, Lee County Clinic, and Hickory Hill Recovery Center for Men. 

KRCC is actively invests in the health and security of their communities by providing essential services that meet emotional, mental and physical health needs.  To learn more about KCRR and the services they provide, visit the links below.




24Hr Crisis/Information Hotline: 1-800-262-7491

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Over the course of 2020, we will be celebrating Fahe’s history through sharing historical photos, family stories, and future projects, as well as other Member Highlights. Please join our 40th anniversary celebration by sharing your memories, pictures, and support for Fahe on social media.  Please join in by using the hashtag #WeAreFahe. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Olivia Brock Schemanski
Olivia Brock Schemanski
Olivia Brock Schemanski serves as Fahe's Communication VISTA. She holds a BA in Business Administration with a minor in Public Relations from Eastern Kentucky University. She's an avid lover of music and in her free time she enjoys photography, going to concerts and re-watching "The Office."

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