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The Fahe Network consists of 50+ Member organizations, spanning across the Appalachian portions of Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, Alabama, and Maryland. During the best of times, these local leaders provide essential services to their communities including housing, economic, and community development. During times of crisis they stand with their communities, often increasing or modifying the types of services available to match the current need. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, the Fahe Network has served the region for 40 years Building the American Dream. This collaboration has invested over $1.5 Billion into Appalachia, which has directly impacted the lives of over 616,000 people. We are taking the time to celebrate each of these Members during our 40th anniversary, as we continue in partnership to ensure that no community is left behind.

Crossville Housing Authority—Crossville, TN

Since 1952, the Crossville Housing Authority (CHA) has made safe and sanitary affordable housing available to low-income families in the Upper Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee. CHA is dedicated to meeting the housing needs of their clients in a friendly, efficient manner without discrimination. Governed by a Board of Commissioners that’s representative of their community, CHA operates as a multi-faceted and progressive public housing agency that has received HUD’s highest rating for over ten years.

Along with providing the opportunity for homeownership through their New Beginnings Self-Help Program, CHA owns and manages 328 public housing units from scattered single site family homes to apartments. Thanks to funds make available through the HOME Invest Partnership (HOME) program and the Federal Home Loan Bank AHP, CHA was able to purchase and rehabilitate single-family homes as well as build apartment buildings. Through the Low Income Housing Tax Credit, CHA was able to build homes for the elderly population in their community as well as build additional family housing units. In 2006, CHA officially opened the first of two HUD 202 Elderly Housing buildings, and in 2009, they established housing for HUD 811 Supportive Housing for Persons with Disabilities.

CHA also offers a variety of services programs to the residents of their community. These service programs include family self-sufficiency, homeownership training and preparation, after-school and summer youth programs, and programs for the elderly. In addition to their service programs, CHA also operates an Education and Computer Lab, which is open to the public five days a week.

Since their establishment, CHA has been providing essential services for the residents in their area as well as making the needs of their community top priority. Even now, in the midst of the COVID-19 Crisis, CHA has released two different PSAs on the radio to keep their community informed. Their PSAs direct residents back to their Facebook page, where there are links to resources and tips to help families through this difficult time. The PSAs also reassure residents that CHA is still open and able to provide housing services and any additional information they may need.

We are proud to have CHA as a part of the Fahe Network. They are a leader in their community and helping build the American Dream throughout the region. To learn more about the Crossville Housing Authority, follow the link below:


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Olivia Brock Schemanski
Olivia Brock Schemanski
Olivia Brock Schemanski serves as Fahe's Communication VISTA. She holds a BA in Business Administration with a minor in Public Relations from Eastern Kentucky University. She's an avid lover of music and in her free time she enjoys photography, going to concerts and re-watching "The Office."

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