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June 3, 2014
Revisiting West Liberty
June 4, 2014
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Volunteers are a driving force in Appalachia.  Many of our network members do the great work they do because of the generosity and kindness of others.   It would be impossible for these organizations with limited staff and funds to build the volume of new homes, perform home repairs and needed modifications, and touch the lives of thousands of families a year without volunteers.

During the month of June, our blog and social media is dedicated to showcasing the people who selflessly give so that our Appalachian families can have a better quality of life.  I have asked several people in our membership to tell their stories about working with volunteers so we can share them with you.

Without the kindness and sacrifice of others, our mission to improve the lives of Appalachian families would be considerably harder.   We hope that the stories we provide this month will not only serve as gratitude to those who already serve, but will also inspire new volunteers.  Appalachia can always use more people willing take up hammers, get a little dirty, and dedicate a small amount of their time.  The need is still great and we have a long road to go and it’s much easier when we do it with friends and neighbors.


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