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December 27, 2013
Jon Rogers Chosen to Participate in Citi Leadership Program
January 7, 2014

Poverty in Appalachia is a serious problem that affects families in a disproportionate manner. Fahe joins other organizations across the country in recognizing January as Poverty Awareness Month along with other organizations that focus on making a difference to poverty stricken families across the US.

If you don’t live in poverty you may not think about what it would be like to live below the line. According to the US government, a family of four at the poverty line brings home around 1900 dollars a month, this does not go far under the best circumstances and can be absolutely devastating if an accident or sickness occurs. Take a tour of Poverty USA to get a better idea of the burden that is put upon families who have to make ends meet with such little resources.

There are programs available to help alleviate the problem of poverty but not everyone has access to them and in some cases just aren’t enough. Official poverty rates are based on pre-tax income levels and people that are just above the line can easily slip under the line from unexpected expenses.

Fahe strives to help communities and families through our work and part of that is making people more aware of the problems going on around them. If you would like to help directly you can look to your local community for ways to volunteer, donate to an organization or just talk to your friends and family to make them aware that this a widespread problem. If you would like to help Fahe with their work in Appalachia you can donate or spread the word about us by sharing our website or liking us on Facebook. Remember, even though January is Poverty Awareness Month, the problem is real all twelve months out of the year.

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