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November 21, 2012
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January 17, 2013

December is the time of the year we see everyone pull out all the stops for the holidays.  Decorations go up en masse (even though some were there before Thanksgiving), holiday songs clog the radios, and we start seeing the reminders to give to those less fortunate in this time of giving.

At Fahe we support this sentiment to remember those less fortunate during the holiday times.  But we also would like to remind you that it’s important to give in December not just because of the holidays, but also because of the winter times.  In Appalachia, one out of every four children lives in poverty.  And poverty in Appalachia means quite a different thing than other areas of the country.  Here we have homes that have little to no insulation.  Wood and coal burning stoves are still a norm.  Plumbing and even hot water can be luxuries.

So as you count your blessings this holiday season, please don’t forget to include your warm home, the car that takes you to work, your job, and the fact that you live in a working, sustainable community.  Most importantly, don’t forget to count the blessing that YOU have the power to allow another family to share in the same comforts and living conditions.  Fahe helps to provide affordable housing and real jobs to thousands of families every year with help from people like you.  Just a small amount of your time or even a financial contribution goes a long way.

The spirit of love and giving doesn’t have to be exclusive to the holiday months.  By becoming involved through volunteering, activism, or simply making a donation, you make a real difference in the lives of families across Appalachia and that’s a real gift that is cherished year round.

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