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August 25, 2014
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September 5, 2014

I have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback on the Appalachian Travel Guide.  I’m really excited that so many people feel strongly about showcasing where we live.

While reading some of the feedback, I caught myself thinking that I wish there were more of me to go and visit all these places I have in mind right now and share them with the readers.   Then a light bulb went off; there doesn’t need to be more than one of me.  There are plenty of people who read the blog who are proud of where they live and they can help me share it.   So here’s the deal: if you want people to see a piece of Appalachia, your Appalachia, then take a photo and send it along with a short blurb to   I’ll update Fahe’s social media with the photo and blurb and let people know where it’s from.  I feel it will be a fun way for us to show pride in where we live in less than 3 seconds.

As far as the regular Appalachian Travel Guide goes, nothing has changed.  I will still be going out and visiting interesting locations.  I have a few pieces in the pipeline including Weston, WV and Whitesburg, KY.   They’ll be up very soon.

Once again, thanks for reading our blog and as always, please join us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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