JustChoice Lending Closes First Project Reinvest Loan

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Johanna Hall-Rappolee has lived in apartments her entire life. Growing up she wanted to own a home so she could fit in with her friends and escape the treatment and stigma associated with living in lower-income apartments. As a single mother, Johanna’s dream of homeownership has only grown stronger out of a desire to give her daughter, Kylie, a stable environment and a home she can be proud to grow up in.

Johanna originally went to a local bank to do a mortgage prequalification form but she was struck by how distant and impersonal the process felt.  “It was like I was another box on a list to be checked off,” said Johanna. “I didn’t like that.”

It was important for her to work with a company that was personal, friendly, and willing to answer any questions she may have about one of the most important decisions of her life. Johanna knew of JustChoice Lending (JCL) through a friend and decided to give a call.  “David Brock, Laura Meadows, and actually everyone at JustChoice Lending were super friendly and nice.  They answered all my questions and actually educated me on certain issues I didn’t know I should be asking.”

An extra incentive for Johanna to utilize JCL is the Project Reinvest Down Payment Assistance Program.  Project Reinvest provides $10,500 at 0% interest and is deferred until the sale of the home by the borrower.  The program is designed to help homebuyers afford closing costs or to help lower the amount they have to borrow, allowing for greater purchasing power or lower monthly payments.

“Project Reinvest is actually the main incentive for me to buy a home,” said Johanna.  “I could look at a place and imagine it as $10,500 cheaper, which gave me more choices.  I also don’t like going into unnecessary debt so this gives me piece of mind.”

Johanna recently closed on her new home through JCL.  Along with the Project Reinvest money, Johanna also received 100% financing by utilizing a USDA 502 Guaranteed loan. The house is larger than any apartment she’s ever lived in and offers a fenced in yard, increased security, and privacy. On top of that, she has a monthly mortgage that meets her budget.

“I’m really excited for the space provided through owning a home.  I’m going to turn the back room into a dining hall so my family has a place to gather.  The yard is large enough for my daughter Kylie and my nieces to play and our dog will have a large fenced in area to roam.”

Kylie and a pupper

When asked about her favorite part of being a homeowner, Kylie was excited about being able to paint her own room, but more importantly she would have kids her own age living in the neighborhood who won’t move in and out as frequently as they did in the apartment complexes.

“I’m excited that we live next to a lot of my professors from Berea College,” said Johanna. “Kylie will live in a community full of people I trust and she’ll get to see people on a daily basis who value education.”

“I honestly don’t know if I could afford a home without the funding from Project Reinvest,” said Johanna.

For more information about the Project Reinvest Down Payment Assistance Program, visit http://justchoicelending.com/project-reinvest-down-payment-assistance/ or call 866-367-0855.

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