Fahe Continues to Serve Appalachia through the COVID-19 Pandemic

This page will be regularly updated with the latest news on Fahe’s response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Please refer to this page and subscribe to our mailing list to stay informed.

During this time of uncertainty, Fahe’s dedicated staff is providing access to financial resources, community development, housing services, and leadership to Central Appalachia. In accordance to the Governor of Kentucky’s orders, Fahe staff are working remotely where possible and are accessible via telephone, email, and online web conferencing.

Our various lines of business continue to operate to ensure communities are receiving service in single-family mortgage lending (through JustChoice Lending), Loan Servicing, Community Lending, Advocacy support, Kentucky Access to Recovery, and our Transformational Employment Program.  

The Fahe Network is staying well-connected during this time to help ensure the health and stability of our services and investments in the region. Fahe Members are leaders in their communities with the ability to respond quickly to local needs.  Our deep reaching platform allows for well-informed and strategic deployment of investments to ensure maximum efficiency and impact.  Our Members are direct responders to the COVID-19 crisis in Appalachia and will be crucial in leading the recovery efforts soon to follow. 

Since the beginning of the mandated state quarantines, we have been hosting weekly Membership check-ins to discuss the financial health and state of affairs of Member organizations. We have also hosted focused information sessions to address specific needs.  The most recent of these was a panel discussion led by three of our Members – Frontier, Crossville Housing Authority, and Clinch-Powell RC&D Council– on communication and marketing strategies that are proving effective in educating their communities on available services.

On April 23rd, we held a virtual Spring Retreat for the leadership of the Fahe Network. This annual meeting is a time for collaborative strategic planning and goal setting for the rest of the year.  Operations during COVID-19 and community leadership during the following economic recovery in Appalachia were two of the main topics. Fahe supports these leaders so they can stay vibrant and strong and have the ability to respond to these emergencies now and lead the recovery later.

Fahe’s other responses to the COVID-19 pandemic include:

  • The creation of an emergency fund at zero percent interest to support any Members who need it, to allow them to continue serving their vulnerable communities.
  • For the families we serve, Fahe Loan Servicing is providing forbearance plans to borrowers to prevent delinquencies and possible foreclosures.
  • For our neighbors in Appalachia and our brethren in other persistent poverty areas of the country, we are advocating for state- and federal- resources that work for rural communities and preparing our infrastructure and network of practitioners to deliver stimulus funding.
  • The establishment of an Emergency Stabilization Fund that will facilitate the flow of no/low interest loans and grants into the region where it is needed most.

We will continue to provide regular updates on new services and relief efforts we are providing in response to the pandemic.  Please join our Mailing List to stay informed.

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