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October 23, 2014
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November 4, 2014
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P1030835In 2014, Fahe has reached two significant milestones. The first was meeting and beating our production challenge set in 2005. We set out to produce 8,000 units of housing a year across the network by 2015 and through the dedication of our members we instead accomplished 8,725 in 2014, both exceeding the original goal in terms of scale and time. The second milestone was the construction of the new Fahe headquarters. For the first time in years, the entire Fahe staff is back together working under one roof. Thanks to our member Community Housing Partners, their Vice President of Architecture, Colin Arnold, and Fahe’s EVP of membership, Tom Carew, we now have an impressive facility from which to serve Appalachia. To celebrate the new building, we hosted an open house and invited our membership, the community, and partners from over the years who have all played a crucial part in Fahe’s success.

We had over 100 people in attendance including Fahe founding fathers Dwayne Yost, Ben Poage, Dave Lollis and Lynn Luallen;Leadership several Fahe members including Frontier Housing, Kentucky Mountain Housing Development, and Community Housing Partners; and many other members of our community.

P1030711Before the festivities began Fahe staff held a private gathering to celebrate the new building and to dedicate our boardroom to Tom Carew, our Executive Vice President of Membership and Advocacy, for all of his years of dedication and service to Appalachia and Fahe. The plaque that now hangs in the Tom Carew Boardroom reads: “We dedicate this boardroom to Tom Carew in honor of his tireless dedication to improving our Appalachian region, and without his vision and hard work this building would not have been possible. His life of service serves as an inspiration for future generations who take up the task.”

The open house was kicked off by a ribbon cutting and speeches from Jim King, President and CEO of Fahe; J. Kathryn Peters, CEO of Kentucky Housing Corporation; and Collin Arnold, VP of Architecture for CHP and the designer of our new building space.

P1030926During Jim King’s speech he presented a plaque and dedicated the building to Fahe’s members. “This building is dedicated to Fahe’s members. May it stand as a testament to their hard work, passion, and be a lasting symbol of their unwavering dedication to change the lives of Appalachian people.”

Visitors were taken on a tour of both the east and west wings and were able to watch video compilations featuring key moments in our membership’s history as well as a video discussing the significance of our new space.

We are very happy with the turnout. We are proud of our new home and the role that it will play in Fahe’s future and the future of our members as they continue their good work in Appalachia.

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