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September 1, 2015
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October 28, 2015
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MeetingFAHE IS 35 YEARS OLD! That is 35 years of collaboration across Appalachia.  That is 35 years of helping families with housing they can afford.  That is 35 years of working with non-profits, local governments, and the people who live here to bring positive change in the form of housing, jobs, and community development.  We are proud to have served over 200,000 people with life changing services since 1980.  We are proud to say that we expect to be bringing positive change for at least 35 more.  Fahe owes these amazing 35 years to our members, our partners, and to people like you who believe in creating change in Appalachia.

Tony Hernandez

USDA Rural Development Plenary – Tony Hernandez, Tom Carew, David Cain (WV), Bobby Goode (TN), Tom Fern (KY), Basil Gooden (VA)

We held our formal celebration during our 2015 Annual Meeting in Kingsport, TN where our members convened for workshops, networking, and planning for the future.   We were proud to have special guest speakers from national organizations such as Paul Weech, President and CEO of NeighborWorks America; Tony Hernandez, Administrator or Rural Housing Services, USDA, RD;  Andrea Ponsor, Federal Policy Advisor, Local Initiatives Support Corporation; and Bill Bynum, President and CEO of HOPE Enterprises.



Jim King, Dave Lollis, Jack Rivel, Gina Chamberlain, Lynn Luallen, Dwayne Yost, Tom Carew

A large part of the celebration involved looking at our humble beginnings with a panel discussion and video viewing involving the people who have been responsible for the founding and direction of Fahe over the years including Ben Poage, Dave Lollis, Dwayne Yost, Lynn Luallen, Gina Chamberlain, Jack Rivel, and Tom Carew.

Fahe also received a surprise birthday present announced by Ralph Perrey, the Executive Director of Tennessee Housing Development Agency.  Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam declared that September 23rd is now Fahe Day in Tennessee in light of the services performed to improve the lives of its citizens.

35 years holds a lot of memories and accomplishments.  From providing seniors with affordable and accessible apartments to helping families like the McClellans build their own home, we are proud to be able to provide access to the resources people need to change their lives.

Bill Bynum

Bill Bynum

Fahe hasn’t made this journey alone. We rely on our members and various partnerships in order to meet the needs of Appalachia.  We also rely on the kindness and hard work of volunteers, investors, and donors.  Thank you for having a hand in our anniversary and we hope we can count on your support in the future.  While we have made a huge difference the job still isn’t done.   Thanks for your part in shaping the history and the future of Appalachia.

The celebration of all our good work doesn’t have to be only one day out of the year.  Celebrate Appalachia everyday by sharing Fahe with a friend through Facebook and Twitter.


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