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September 6, 2019
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September 12, 2019
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Fahe Annual Meeting Award Winners 2019

By far one of the favorite events of the Fahe Annual Meetings is the Fahe Awards ceremony.  Every year we recognize outstanding Members, partners, and friends for their hard work and contributions that make Appalachia a more prosperous place for all.

The winners of this year’s Fahe Awards in no particular order:

Fahe Art Collings Award for Advocacy

Awarded to a Fahe Member for greatest advocacy on a state-regional-national basis. This award is named in honor of Art Collings whose unmatched dedication to improving housing conditions for low- income rural Americans is an example for us all to follow.

Winner: Seth Long, HOMES Inc.

Fahe Voice of the Region Award

Fahe’s Voice of the Region award is awarded to Members that have shared their story and collaborated with Fahe to represent the strength and efficacy of our Network to a national audience in pursuit of impactful change in Appalachia.

Winner: John David, SALS

 Fahe Award for Excellence:

Awarded for:

  • Innovation – either in a new service/product, approach to solving a challenge, implementation of a new program, a creative way of marketing the organization/programs, or overall excellence!
  • Impact – actions, or services that move the needle on our mission of eliminating poverty in Appalachia
  • New services/programs that have potential for significant, long-lasting and increasing impact

Winner: Andy Kegley, HOPE for Open Door Café

Fahe Award for Leadership:

Awarded to someone at any level of their organization, and could be awarded each year to both seasoned and emerging leaders based on the following:

  • Exceptionally effective and cooperative at cross-Member partnering
  • Emerging leaders stepping in or stepping up to make a powerful impact
  • Leaders creating a legacy by their dedication to the mission 
  • Extraordinary leadership resulting in the accomplishment of significant goals
  • Inspirational progress in overcoming obstacles
  • Making a personal investment in local communities
  • Providing inspiration as a role model to encourage others

Winners: Lindy Turner, Clinch-Powell; Sarah Bates, Creative Compassion

Dwayne Yost Friend of Fahe Award

Awarded to a non-member, in recognition of outstanding contribution to Fahe and the membership. This award is named in honor of Dwayne Yost, Founding Father of Fahe and champion of affordable housing.

Winner: USDA RD

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