Technical Assistance and Planning

Fahe Consulting staff provides a wide array of planning and technical assistance for our clients and partners – from project development planning to application preparation, environmental reviews, financial management for federal and state funding sources, federal and state cross-cutting compliance requirements to full project implementation, and turnkey administration from funding to closeout. Our staff members have expertise in the following project implementation areas:

Project Development
Application Preparation
Environmental Review
Set-Up of Federal & State Programs
Financial Management Compliance per Program
Cross-Cutting Federal Requirements Compliance
Development Plan Compliance
Procurement Compliance
Implementation of Acquisition Program
Implementation of Clearance Activities
General Program Coordination and Technical Assistance
Implementation of Public Improvement Activities
Applicable Labor Compliance Requirements
Implementation of Relocation Program
Implementation of Construction Program
Reporting Requirements Compliance
Program Closeout


If your organization needs help with technical assistance and planning for community development projects, single family housing, or multi-family housing, then contact Fahe Consulting today. We can be reached by emailing Elsa Reynolds or by calling (859)-228-2141.