Single Family Housing Development Projects

Our single-family housing development provides income based housing options for low- to moderate- income families looking to purchase homes. Appalachia has a need for affordable housing options and we work with organizations to help find the funding and subsidy so they can continue to develop these types of homes.


Beattyville – Neighborhood Stabilization Project (NSP) – One of the only truly rural NSP projects funded, Fahe Consulting worked with the Beattyville Housing and Development Corporation to utilize NSP to purchase foreclosed properties, rehab those properties and resale to qualified, Low Income Set Aside (LISA) targeted population households for a total of four new housing units in the Beattyville community.

Morehead – West Morehead Neighborhood Housing Project – Neighborhood revitalization activities in four phases in the West Morehead target area involving acquisition, clearance, relocation, rehabilitation and new lots for sale. The city was assisted by a local housing non-profit, Frontier Housing, Inc., who participated with the construction of affordable housing for low – and moderate- income families on the new lots. Over the four phases, the city received four Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program awards, three HOME awards, Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) funding, a house build by Habitat for Humanity, local funds for public improvements, and local bank financing. The culmination of the project is Boodry Place, a 32-unit rental development for the elderly or families with disabled children, a beautiful addition to the City’s housing stock just off the US 60 By-pass in Morehead.

Richmond – Linden Street – Neighborhood Revitalization activities in Linden Street project area included acquisition, clearance, relocation and rehabilitation in addition to street widening and new lots for sale to low- to moderate- income homebuyers. Activities were completed over 15 years with seven phases and over 18 million dollars invested in the neighborhood from various sources including CDBG, HOME, ARC, City funds, and others.

Richmond – First Time Homebuyer – This project involved the purchase of 20 vacant lots and construction of new homes for female head-of-households living in public housing. It also involved coordination of self-sufficiency counseling for five years funded by HOME. This was part of the Linden Street Revitalization Project and implemented with Kentucky River Foothills.

Salt Lick Redevelopment – CDBG funds were used to purchase the vacant Salt Lick Elementary School. The school was demolished in order to provide 3.4 acres to Fahe member Frontier Housing with property for development of new single-family homes. Six affordable homes are slated for construction benefiting low- to moderate- income families.

Whitley County – CDBG of $1 million were blended with developer resources to partner with Bell-Whitley Community Action and Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation to construct 13 new Houseboat Energy Efficient Retrofits (HBEER) housing units that are energy efficient and “green” with most of the building products made in Kentucky.

Whitley County- The Whitley County fiscal courted worked with partners Bell-Whitley Community Action Agency and Kentucky Highlands Investment Corporation to develop housing in the community of Emlyn utilizing cutting edge technology to provide extremely energy efficient housing to three low- to moderate- income families. Three near-zero energy efficient affordable housing units were produced.

If your organization needs help planning or finding the funding for single-family housing development projects, then contact Fahe Consulting today. We can be reached by emailing Elsa Reynolds or by calling (859)-228-2141.