Coming Home Part 2
December 20, 2013
January is Poverty Awareness Month
January 6, 2014
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Coming home is a great relief to most of us, it’s a sanctuary where we have control and can just relax and not worry about life’s problems. You come home to your family and are able to spend quality time with them, play with your pets or just sit and watch some TV.

For those in the Appalachian region that live in substandard housing conditions coming home is quite different. They return home for the day and have to contend with not being able to afford heat, leaky roofs, or incomplete plumbing.

With your help Fahe has helped thousands of Appalachian families with affordable energy efficient homes, access to quality heath care, or by funding community projects that create living wage jobs. If you would like to contribute to Fahe’s goal of quality affordable housing and community growth, you can help in several ways, be it a financial donation,  signing up for the latest news and volunteer opportunities in Appalachia, or by telling your friends and family about the services provided by Fahe and Members. We also encourage you to look for ways to contribute to improving your own community by seeking out volunteer opprotunities or donating things you don’t need anymore. You could make a huge difference in a family’s life with just a little effort and make your community a better place to live.

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