Coming Home to East Corbin School
December 12, 2013
Coming Home Part 2
December 20, 2013

Coming home is different for everyone.  During December we will be presenting what coming home means for different people including Fahe staff members, individuals and families who have received homes through the Fahe.  This is the first post in this series.

We would like to present several different voices from people who have received homes with help from Fahe and our Members.  For these people, “home” was not the comforting notion that many of us may take for granted. Their living conditions were substandard and this motivated them to search for a better life.

The following people all received a home thanks in part to help from Fahe and our Membership network.  For them, coming home means something special.

Violet Lewis – Coming home to Violet Lewis means that she gets to remember her beloved late husband every time she sees the flower bulbs she planted in front of her home in his memorial.  “I never thought I would be so blessed to have a place like this.  It is magnificent.  I know that when I come here, that I am home.“

Jeff Powell -Coming home to Jeff Powell means a newfound sense of pride and ownership. “I never thought it would be possible for me to own a home again.  I thought I was too old and my disability would bar me.  My place is becoming the envy of the neighborhood.  I have fixed my house up beautifully. Once a week I walk up and down the block and clean up the neighborhood.”

John Thomas – Coming home to St. Bartholomew Senior apartments means freedom and independence to John Thomas.  “If it wasn’t for these programs, I don’t know how people would make it.  I would be a burden on my children.  I’m grown and I enjoy the freedom.  Anyone who is capable of living on their own should.”

Kerry Watson – Coming home to Kerry is a daily reminder of her hard work to get a better home for her family.  Kerry dedicated her time for two years to homebuyer education classes to qualify to have her home built.  “This is the most patient I have been in my entire life, and if you’re patient good things come.”

Heather Powell – Coming home to Heather means seeing her three girls grow up in a safe and happy home that they can be proud of.  “If you’re going to rent in this area, you’re going to pay too much unless you want to live in an older trailer.  Going after this loan was the best thing I’ve in my life. I really wanted to give my children a home.”

Join us for the rest of the month as we further discuss what it means to come home.

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