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May 16, 2019
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June 11, 2019
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Every year, NeighborWorks America (NWA) brings together tens of thousands of people in a week-long celebration of neighborhood improvement activities nationally recognized as NeighborWorks Week.  As a NeighborWorks member, Fahe participates in this celebration every year to help raise awareness and inspire change.  This year’s theme is “Building Strong Communities.”

Fahe is celebrating the week by kicking off this year’s Fahe Appalachian Internship Program.  The Fahe Appalachian Internship Program develops quality internship opportunities in Appalachia for young leaders to connect to our nonprofit Network. The program seeks to cultivate relationships with colleges and universities to encourage students to consider pursuing the nonprofit sector after graduation, aiming to retain young leaders who can bring value to the Appalachian region.

Since its inception three years ago, our internship program continues to cultivate strong communities in a variety of ways. Not only has the program impacted local communities by increasing the capacity and impact of our Members, it has also produced a strong professional peer development group among the participants. 

Ultimately, we believe the internships are contributing to Building Strong Communities because they help to develop engaged leaders with a long-term view, collaborative approach, and thoughtful strategy that will help Fahe’s Members, both in the present and future, to bring all residents’ quality of life into balance with the abundance of the region’s natural and cultural assets.

Stories From our Communities

Throughout NeighborWorks Week we will feature stories from our current interns who are serving and connecting the communities of Berea, KY; Beattyville, KY; Kingsport, TN; Morehead, KY; and Elkins, WV.

The first highlight comes from Hailey O’Hair who is documenting the history of Fahe Member Frontier.  The process will involve not only going through historical records but also outreach to community members and organizations that have been impacted by Frontier’s service. 

“I feel it’s important to be part of this internship program so I can utilize my history degree to its fullest potential,” said Hailey. “In documenting the history of Frontier, I will be able to understand the importance of the organization’s mission and how the organization helps its constituents in Morehead and surrounding counties. This internship affords me the opportunity to learn about myself, as well as the world in which I live.”

What’s Going on in Your Neighborhood?

In addition to NeighborWorks Week, June is also National Homeownership Month.  Is your organization, group, or church working to improve a local community?  If so, we’d love to hear your stories.

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