Coming Home

For the month of December, across each of Fahe’s media outlets, we will be discussing the idea of Coming Home.   Coming home to a safe, trusted environment is powerful.  It allows us to feel safe from worries and problems of the outside world.  It allows for a restful existence and the ability to recharge before facing our next day.  But when people’s homes are a source of problems, their quality of life diminishes.   The worry of paying an exuberant heating bill due to poor insulation or worrying about a leaky roof can take its toll and lead to stress and not allow a person to have what many of us think of when we think of home.

We believe that everyone deserves a good home and part of Fahe’s mission is to help the people of Appalachia access affordable housing.   We believe that everyone has the right to come back to a quality home free of additional stress and worry.

We have set up a special page to be your portal to our media during the month of December.